4 Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Product Sales and Promote Your Website

With the explosion of video sharing and viral videos, there are a variety of video marketing ideas available but not all are applicable to every type of business. The following ideas discuss developing content for businesses that sell products and to some extent can be modified to work for some services.

1) Product Demonstrations

Product demo videos usually are made to demonstrate how your product works ( the step-by-step instructions) and highlights the features that differentiate your product from that of your competitors. However, you should make sure that you weave in the benefits of your product on your video script. Software screen captures, such as those taken by Camtasia or Screenflow, or a high impact demo by a presenter are all excellent ways of showing how your product or service works. In business to consumer marketing, these would be targeted at buyers of larger ticket items who want additional, detailed information about your product.

A popular example of this type of video is Blendtec’s blender ad campaign on YouTube.

2) Product Presentations

Product (or service) presentation videos are usually beneficial early in the buying cycle. Product or service presentations focus on benefits of your product from your customer’s perspective. This type of video should speak clearly to the specific reasons why your product solves a specific business or personal problem. They are used to help your customers and prospects showcase the benefits of your products and services, provide your customer your unique selling proposition and help differentiate your product from those of your competitors.

3) Product Reviews

Ideally, your business would benefit by product reviews that are provided by a trusted third party. However, customer product reviews can really work as well. Using a variety of search terms on Google, or another search engine, you can find third party video reviews from sites like YouTube, Facebook and various business portals. Only link to these sites if they provide credible video content about your product or service. You can also partner or joint venture with trusted third parties to create video product reviews for your own products.

4) Visual Stories

Quickly rising in popularity, visual stories employ illustrations, animations, Flash animations and motion graphics with a voice-over to explain complex products or services in a simple and compelling manner. These type of videos are developed to give additional information to customers who have already decided to purchase from you but need additional detail to finalize their decision. These types of interactive ads tend to be more expensive and are therefore appropriate for companies with larger marketing budgets.