List Building Secrets – 5 Reasons Why Video Squeeze Pages Have Higher Conversions

List building is the starting act of internet marketing. The need for a big list is can never be overstated. A marketer can never be sure if he is going to make a sale no matter how good his marketing strategy is and hence a list with many people to whom he can pitch his product, is important. There is no better way than video squeeze page to do just that. In terms of time and cost it is the most efficient.

The benefits include

1. It communicates better than text ever can. If you have a good offer, then you will have to explain it well. This might require you to put in at least 5 lines. But a visitor would not read five lines of text. Hence a video is best suited for the purpose.

2. It makes an impact. A video is more enticing. Visual with sound make us understand and remember things better than just reading them. So if you put a video on your page then you can be sure that your page would register in your prospect’s mind.

3. Observation of video squeeze pages has shown that they are more pleasing to the eye than just text only pages. The video is housed (usually) box type player which gives some order to the page. Hence it draws visitors subconsciously.

4. A video can have text. It is possible to have text in video, but there is no other way round.

5. Videos from a good designer are also optimized to be used on video portals like YouTube. This way you stand to get more for your money.

A custom designed video squeeze page has a conversion rate that is much higher than that of a text only page. If you are looking for a tool to build massive opt in lists, your search ends here.

Website Video Sales Persons – A New Breed Of Advertisers

Marketing has been evolving even before the concept had become popular. Newspaper and weekly fliers have changed the face of marketing since the beginning. Now with other type of mass media taking the market such as the television and other mass communication systems the concept of marketing has stretched further and wider than ever thought possible. The widespread availability of high speed Internet has opened a new door to the concept of converting sales with video; people can now watch commercials willingly due to the quality and appeal of the programs and increase at the same time, the sales of the companies.

Many websites offer streaming videos and clips online. Adding advertisements to these videos is a great to attract potential customers. Firms have created a new kind of sales person to jump on this opportunity; the website video sales person. A dedicated team of website video sales people is responsible for making video advertisements whose primary purpose is to be hosted on Internet video portals.

Reaching out and targeting online customers is the job of website video sales people. To be effective in this, they need to be able to analyze the preferences of the market they are targeting. Once they discover this, they can create web people videos after studying customer preferences in detail.

The team of website video sales persons work combined like cohesive unit to ensure that sales oriented news about the products offered is given to the customers. Internet videos makes highlighting features that describes a firm’s products from the products of the other firms. Therefore, video advertisements are made to teach the customers.

One particular benefit of web videos sets it head and shoulders above all the alternative ways of advertising in the media. This benefit resides in the ability to utilize web videos to capture audience attention more effectively. The secret is interactivity, which is not a viable approach even in TV ads.

If you want to become a member of a team of website video sales persons converting sales with video, you must be patient and creative and have a pleasant disposition. Along with that, being conversant with customer preferences is absolutely key for people in a video marketing collaboration. Keep in mind that you have to try different approaches as you work to engage audience attention favorably, so you have to feel really positive and comfortable about experimenting.

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business! Get It Now

The term “Video Marketing” comes with two perspectives: first, making a video specifically for marketing purposes, and the second marketing an already existing video. Chances are technology has undergone several changes since the production of an existing video, but it is possible to make a few tweaks to an old “classic” in order to more successfully market it. But that’s not on the agenda for today’s post. We’re not here to talk about marketing video, we’re talking about video marketing, or using videos to promote a product or service.

Video marketing is not the same today as it was ten years ago. Even five years ago. Today, social media and its many portals have become such an integral part of peoples’ lives that it is nearly impossible to try to promote your brand without it. Smarter, quicker and more advanced search engine technology means there are also different rules to successful video marketing that did not exist in the past. And with so many varying types of video, it takes a lot of creativity to set your brand apart and make your video uniquely appealing to consumers.

Here are a few guidelines you may want to keep in mind as you consider video marketing as a tool to boost sales.

Content is Key. Creating a great script is the first thing you need to worry about when starting your video marketing campaign. Even the highest quality professionally produced videos will bomb if nothing about the script is interesting or holds the attention of the viewer. If you have no idea where to start, take a seat, grab a pen and paper and consider your goals. Having a clear cut list of what you would like your video to accomplish can assist in generating ideas for appropriate content.

First, know your purpose. Why is this video being created? Reasons can include a desire to improve search engine rankings, showing off product features that cannot be fully expressed through text, attracting a following and earning income through ad revenue, and/or providing busy customers with a quick and effortless way to consume information.

Next, know who your audience is, and where to reach them. If your goal is to gain a large following, hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo are popular with features that allow the video to be easily shared across many social media sites.

Consider the length of time your video will take. Will it be long enough to satisfy your audience’s concerns, or will it be too long, losing their interest before you’re able to fully get your message across? Time can be a friend or foe. Five minutes of video can seem like an eternity, yet at the same a captivating 10-minute video can leave viewers wanting more.

Finally, keep in mind your budget. What you can afford can drastically increase or decrease your video styling options. The ideal video marketing strategy includes a medium that will be unique and creative, but also leave you with change in your pockets.

Once you’ve figured out where you want your video to take you, the next steps in the video marketing process become a cakewalk.

When your goal-listing is complete, it’s time to shop around for creative video styles. It’s important to know just how many styles are available to you:

Case Studies and Video Testimonials are basically product reviews in video form. Considering the effect product reviews have on potential customers, this is a great chance to mediate which reviews are showcased, and do it in a creative and entertaining way.

How To / Tutorials serve an immediate need as they are often specifically searched for. Creating a creative video tutorial is also a great way to position yourself as the subject expert.

Slideshows are perhaps the lowest cost and easiest to DIY. Slideshows don’t generally go viral, but are a good start to upping search visibility for targeted keywords.

Product Demonstration is self explanatory. These are videos that show the customer what the product can do for them. Because demonstrations can be a little cut and dry, it’s important to incorporate some kind of storyline to hold the viewer’s attention.

Video Scribing / Whiteboard Animation is the most versatile of all video marketing mediums, mainly because the aforementioned video types can all be accomplished via video scribing. This is also a very affordable option, and can (technically) be done yourself-though this is only recommended if you have a background in animation, otherwise it might get boring. Whiteboard animation is an increasingly popular choice for video marketing because of the effect it has on a consumer’s memory. Video scribing stimulates the brain visually as well as mentally, coding the information into the viewer’s long term memory. This type of video has proven to boost sales by 85%, with a 400% increase in views.

Once you’ve decided on a video marketing medium, the next step is effective distribution. This is the search engine optimization part of video marketing. In order to be effective, video distribution needs to adhere to accepted SEO practices. There are several ways in which to get your video to the top rankings, such as including keywords in the video title as well as in the summary and tag fields. You can also post close captioning scripts, which not only help visually-impaired consumers, but helps a video become more easily indexed by search engines. It is also in your best interest to include a call to action toward the end of your video, encouraging users to share with their friends across various social media sites. This can almost infinitely extend the reach of your videos and boost views as well as the number of backlinks that are created.

If you’re new to video marketing and find yourself overwhelmed, just remember to rewind back to the very beginning and consider your goals. Realistic, attainable goals can generate ideas for great content; and if you already have great content that sets you apart from the competition, everything else almost falls into place.

Using SEO for video marketing can seem daunting, but all it takes is a little practice following the above steps and you will be on your way to a larger following, increased revenue, and better return on your investment.

Video Marketing, an Effective Tool For Business Promotion

Marketing is not at all a bookish topic. Though it will definitely mean finding and converting the prospective into regular customers, but the way to do is widely different from product to product and from person to person. It is an established fact that no two individuals are same, implies that no two individuals would like the same type of marketing strategy. What works for one, may not work for the other!

Many segments of the potential customers are interested in knowing the products in a video format. This sort of demand has arisen from past many years and thus came into existence, Video Marketing, i.e. using video to market the products and services. Video Marketing is such a marketing tool that has information about any specific product or service on the move. Today in the fast moving world, stable advertising/marketing copy remains dull and is ineffective in stimulating the needs of the prospective. But with the advent of video marketing and within their intelligent tactics, the business/marketing individual can effectively get his/her work done. There are a number of videos that has done wonders for their product or services. There have been various incidents where the products and services have been in talking due to its videos.

Here it is very essential to clear the distinction between the television advertisement and video marketing. The television advertisement is made for the TV audience and the video marketing is prepared for the internet audience. A company’s plans and policies, budget allocations, etc. will be very different for TV and internet and so a strong concise regarding its difference has to be made. As these days the TV ads are soon on the internet, it may be confusing in-between TV ads and video marketing and thus a clarification has to be made.

After knowing the concept, as of this point, we should now know about few of its advantages:

• The cost of video marketing is of one time and thus its benefits can be reaped for as much times as the need be.
• The cost of digital camcorders has lessened to a huge extent that, owning one of them may even be possible.
• Video distribution via free and huge sites like YouTube, Google videos, yahoo videos, etc has been like a boon.
• These sites generate huge and much needed traffic and may also cater their marketing to non-prospective customers too.
• Video production and video editing has been very easy since software for these are freely available and very user friendly.

There are numerous researches being conducted which prove that millions of people spend some hours a day on YouTube and such video portals. So even if we don’t completely believe, it still has a potential to prove itself right.