Creating Digital Portals For Your Business

A “Portal” is defined as: a gateway, an entrance or a means of entrance. In business, “digital” portals can be effective means or “gateways” that allow customers to gain insights about a company. The insights are truly limitless once you understand the power you can harness into your bare hands when utilizing digital portals.

Benefits range from:

1) Allowing customers the ability to learn about a particular product or service.
2) Allowing customers to understand the dynamics of the company in question.
3) Provide additional training or insights to existing employees.
4) Distribute news and information to existing employees concerning the company.
5) Provide a platform for relationship building between employees, customers or partners.

These are just a few examples of what can be done with digital portals. So this begs the question, what exactly is a digital portal?

We like to think of portals as an idea or a concept, rather than a tangible item. Reason being, is because in its’ rawest form a digital portal is essentially a digital medium that can be used to disseminate content. However, used effectively, it can become a medium that allows people to gain access to information, content, or cultural insights into your company. So what are a few examples you might ask?

1) RSS Feeds – Typically used as a means to disseminate news, events and other content in a update-able fashion to subscribers.
2) Podcasts – Typically consists of a series of audio files that are disseminated via syndication (RSS) feed to subscribers.
3) Video Podcasts – Sometimes also called “Vodcasts”, are video clips delivered via RSS feed to those subscribed.
4) Social Networking Sites- Think of these as online communities or hubs that allow people of similar interests and views to share and express their views with each other. Some of the more popular communities are “Facebook, Bebo, MySpace”.

Leveraging these means of technology you can easily create doorways for people to gain insights into your company’s operations and culture. This allows for better understanding, communication, and relationship building. We have created our own Vision Enhanced Facebook Group where we will allow the sharing of our own ideas and the building of relationships to commence.

Remember, it’s not so much as the tangible technologies themselves, but more about the possibilities that can be created by using them. Again, the “idea”.

Latest Video Recorders – Online Buying Tips That Can Help!

Almost all the devices launched by these brands have proved effective in several domains. You can either use these devices personally or professionally, depending on your requirements.

When it comes to buying the latest video recorder, the most appropriate medium that provides innumerable options in this regard is an online shopping store. Let us discuss in detail some major buying tips:

Explore different sites
You must explore different sites to find the best product that matches your requirements and style. A wide range of online shopping portals has come into existence providing customers a range of products in various styles and models. Be it the latest video recorder, laptop, mobile phone or any other popular electronic item, you will come across a huge variety online. The first major step involves exploring various online shopping portals in terms of products and brands. The shopping portal you choose must contain enough products and brands. Moreover, it must deliver products high in quality and reasonable in price.

Compare prices of different products
This is another major buying tip for the latest video recorders. In addition to exploring different web-sites, you also need to compare the prices of different products. Price comparison is an essential step in the direction to make a successful purchase within the budget. You might have set a particular budget for the product you wish to purchase. Price comparison can help you make a purchase within your budget as you get to know the prices of all products and compare them with others. Almost all the shopping portals support the price comparison feature today.

Make a purchase during festive seasons
This is an essential step you must follow so as to enjoy high-quality gadgets at a low price. The festive season is indeed the best time to make a purchase. This is because a majority of manufacturers announces discount during the festive seasons to entice the users.

Buying a camcorder at a low price is no more an impossible task now. We have described below some essential tips that can help you grab your favorite device at a reasonable rate. Buying a camcorder at an affordable rate is no more typical task now.

The emergence of a wide range of online shopping portals has made the shopping process a lot easier and convenient. Be it the latest Sony HD camcorder you wish to purchase or gadget from any other popular brand, you will come across a gamut of products and brands online. Online shopping stores have made it easy for a person to buy cheap camcorders for diverse video recording requirements. No matter whether you wish to shoot indoor or outdoor, the gadgets are designed with an aim to deliver an outstanding performance in every situation.

Wait for offers and discounts
This is one of the fundamental tips that can prove extremely helpful in the shopping process. It is advised to wait for the seasonal offers and discounts rather than making a purchase in a hurry. Almost every online shopping portal announces some amount of discounts during the festive seasons. You can check out the discounts available on different products and purchase the one that falls within your budget. This way, you can choose the right gadget without disturbing your budget. December to February end is considered an ideal time to make a purchase. It is the time when almost all the manufacturers provide exciting discounts and special offers on their latest models.

Voucher codes
The use of voucher codes is another essential feature that can help you grab an electronic item at a low price. The concept of voucher codes is new and has spread widely across every section of the globe. You can use your voucher code at the time of making payment.

Clearance sale
Clearance sale announced by the online shopping stores from time to time is also a great way to buy discounted items.

Used goods
Last but not the least; you can also purchase the secondhand electronics. A majority of shopping stores provide secondhand electronics at almost half price. It is indeed a great deal especially for individuals who cannot afford to purchase an expensive item.

These are some of the major tips one must follow while buying the latest video recorders. In addition to video recorders, you can also buy camcorders online today. Other popular electronics that can be purchased online include laptops, tablets, monitors, musical instruments, digital cameras, etc. These are some of the effective ways that can help you buy cheap camcorders. In addition to camcorders, you can grab other electronics as well.

How to Find Offline Video Marketing Clients

One of the most lucrative opportunities in video marketing today is local video marketing. By this I mean finding offline clients that need customers and selling them your online video marketing expertise. It sounds easier than it is, but it is pretty easy.

Getting Started

To get started building a portfolio of clients, you might offer your services for free to a local charity. They would probably be grateful, and you would feel pretty good too. A non-profit can be a real goldmine of community connections. You might just hit the jackpot in terms of recommendations, while acquiring valuable experience.

After that, you could select, say 2 – 3 new local businesses and help them develop a video marketing campaign, create their videos, distribute them and then report your results. This can be a great way to develop a trusting relationship and develop a long term relationship with the business.

Granted, this is all work you’ll be doing on spec, but the odds are good that these gambles will pay off. (unlike betting your rent at the dog track)

Selling Yourself

Word of mouth is a great way to get business, often the best clients are ones I met through a mutual acquaintance or upon striking up a casual conversation with a friendly stranger. The point is to be open to possibilities and have an “elevator pitch” at the ready. An “elevator pitch” is a brief 30 second description of what it is that you do, and who can benefit from it. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to sell your services, so be ready!

The local chamber of commerce is a good resource for selling your marketing services as well. If you contact them about presenting your business services at a chamber of commerce meeting, you may get the opportunity to spread the word to your local business community as a whole. If you do get a spot presenting, be sure you are prepared to answer the questions that may arise, and have promotional materials ready to distribute. Often times, a good strategy is to present some educational content around internet video marketing to the group. You will be seen as an authority on your subject and it may lead to other presenting opportunities. A quick slideshow on the 10 most asked questions about internet video marketing is a good way to get people’s attention.

Local Publications

While it’s hard to get free coverage through a press release in your local newspaper or magazine, there are ways to increase your odds of being “discovered”. Read local publications on a regular basis. When a relevant article or story is published, make a note of the author. Contact the author through the publication and send him a copy of your press release with a note saying how you thought “this would be a great complement to the recent piece you did on” whatever. Again I reiterate that this is not the quickest way or the easiest way, but a free blurb in the paper or a local magazine can generate a great buzz about your services.

Direct Mailings

You’ll find the addresses of most local businesses in the Yellow pages or local directories. Many times the local chamber has these addresses and business contact information available for the local community. A clever postcard describing your services or a special rate for the first 10 businesses to respond to your mailing is a great way to get a clutch of work and can have a long lasting effect.

Create a Community Portal

If you have a website, consider using a portion of it to create a local interest hub. Optimize the pages for local searches and include stories about your local work as a video marketer. Include educational content and feature a high value report or guide about video marketing that you have created. This site can serve several functions, as a place to offer specials and gather email contact information, as well as a portfolio and space to feature testimonials from happy customers.

What to Do Once You Have Customers

It takes 5 times as much money to acquire a new customer as it does to retain a current one. And, 80 percent of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Obviously, caring for your current customer is worth the effort. Maintaining contact with your current clients enriches the relationship you have with them and fosters trust. If you keep in touch with them, they are likely to talk about you when networking with other companies. You should contact them by email or by telephone on a monthly or weekly basis. Creating a schedule for contacting your clients is a great way to remember. You might also create a newsletter specifically for your clients, letting them know what you are working on, and what is going on in the industry. Be their go-to source for any internet video marketing information they may need.

While these are just some ideas, your local market and business community will dictate your exact strategy for getting offline local video marketing clients. Good luck!

Online Video Internet Marketing Tool – How Powerful Is It?

In this era of online multimedia, most companies are well aware about the potential of online video as a powerful internet marketing tool. Online Video Internet Marketing Tool is capable of offering an easy and fast way to spread the message of a company effectively and convey trust to prospective customers, owing to the fact that it can be textual, personal and persuasive.

Video has successfully expanded its limits outside television and has become accessible to small businesses via online outlets. The reason behind the popularity of online video as an internet marketing tool is because it is interactive, widely accessible, memorable, highly shareable and inexpensive to create.

Since online video sharing community is increasing rapidly, the huge viewer-ship potential can be quite advantageous for promoting the services and products of small businesses and in terms of their revenue. Small-business marketing can create great opportunities with online video and this is the reason that much investment is taking place around video. This strategy is used by many companies to increase their earning potential and chances of success. You should keep in mind that the video should not be devoid of text as text on the webpage can be scanned quickly for required information.

In fact, thanks to World Wide Web, now anybody having the right technology and resources can communicate with the whole world. A giant video portal like YouTube is capable of attracting huge amount of free traffic, inclusive of those who are always in search for the newest and interesting online videos. The fascinating feature is that online videos can be posted and viewed by anybody, from anywhere in the world and that too, in an instant. The fast growth of YouTube can be attributed to the fact that it provides the option of uploading, posting and sharing video content as per their liking.

Many businesses are making use of these video portals, which have quality levels and trendy features so that they can generate income through video advertising campaigns.

The benefits of online video

– It is capable of conveying message quickly and effectively; as it uses both visual and audio effects and can be accessed by even the impatient lot.

– The cost of making a video is minimal and you have the option of posting it to free sites, websites or blogs.

– People tend to share videos; therefore chances are your video is likely to be shared more than your web page, blog post or article.

– Lastly, search engines such as Google, categorizes those websites in the higher order that have videos than the ones that does not have it.

Your video need not be instructional or informational in order to be viral; it can be funny or entertaining to be viewed by several people. You can simply link your videos with your business name and then put captions. The very fact that online video that can spread to millions of people in a jiffy and benefit your business is surprisingly cheap. This makes it all the more potent as an internet marketing tool.