Adding Video to Enhance Empathy

Adding a personal video to your website can really enhance the appearance and the personal feeling that someone gets when they visit. This doesn’t have to be a professionally shot video, just one that conveys your sincerity without being a blatant sales pitch. You may be surprised how for this can get you.

In this day and age people tend to feel disconnected. There is no personal touch, especially when you start becoming more internet/on line dependent. We all are individuals in our cubicles or home offices, but the feeling of being cutoff from our peers, customers and suppliers is growing.

Looking around when you are out in public will give you a real sense of what I am trying to convey here. You see people either walking purposefully or strolling casually, but they probably have something in common. They either have a cell phone pressed to their ear, or a little flashing light indicating a blue-tooth enabled phone.

I remember the first time I saw someone with a wireless headset and talking. I thought they were a lunatic. one more loose screw in the giant machine, can you relate to what I am saying? There is even a commercial now where a guy is in the convenience store talking on his wireless and the clerk thinks he’s being robbed and attacks the man. Yes, it is a funny commercial, but is that where we are headed? All in our own world, even when we are out in public? Being rude to people serving us by not even having the courtesy of turning off the phone during a face to face interaction?

This is where a video on a site ties into things. Yes, it still isn’t human interaction, but it does give a feeling for what the other person is like. I have seen many videos embedded into websites and only small percentage actually reach out and touch you. Those seem to be ones that are unscripted, but have experts with an agenda. That agenda can have a sales pitch to it, but to be sincere, it has to have real content in it as well:Adding a personal video to your website can really enhance the appearance and the personal feeling that someone gets when they visit. This doesn’t have to be a professionally shot video, just one that conveys your sincerity without being a blatant sales pitch. You may be surprised how for this can get you; Not hints about content, not clues or “teasers” but actual useful content.

How patient are you? Can you sit through 20 minutes of video if it has usable points? Or are you too used to the two minute flash of video? Does it matter what you think people want to see?

The real answer to that is no. Do you want to eliminate some of your potential clients by refusing to cater to a broader audience? You shouldn’t. The Internet and your marketing plan should both be unencumbered by the either/or choices of the ‘real world.’

Yes, years ago your budget would be restrained by the monetary decisions of newspaper, magazine, radio or television ads. The Internet doesn’t hamstring you there. Don’t choose one or the other. Choose both. Do short videos and long videos. Distribute them on the plethora of video sites. Don’t limit yourself to what you think people want to see, experiment with different types of videos, embed unique links and track what works and then focus on that. But still don’t ignore what doesn’t work as well.

The video that reaches one million viewers or more (think about NFL Championship TV ads) don’t do you any good if they don’t bring you customers. Better to have your video viewed by 100 people and 10% turn into customers, than to have it viewed by thousands who don’t act.

Business Videos should be used to gain customers, not fans. Viewers turn into customers by seeing someone they can relate to and empathize with. Staged and scripted ‘ads’ are not the way to do that. Relax, turn on the camera and be yourself. Don’t over edit or over-think, just let people know who you are and how your product is a solution to obstacles in their path. Customers will beat a path to your portal.

Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos?

A virtual storage company was started in San Francisco just a few years ago. It hit a stall point soon after the launch. They slowly found themselves nowhere on the growth path. The sales team went clueless how to get a decent number of customers. They were struggling to convert people coming to their homepage into customers because no one knew what they were doing. Then, they released a short video that consolidated their technical explanation and offering into a witty yet informative video. This explainer video promoted the services of DropBox to an optimum level. Finally, they emerged out and won huge sums as fund, 50 million customers and a net value of $5 billion.

You may have a great idea of a product or service, but it takes a lot to communicate your story and vision in an interesting way. It makes a lot of difference, in which way you present your brand and products to the customers, investors and related business service providers. Millions of companies across the world have listed their products on websites and portals. Someone looking for a particular thing browses across the internet to get a detailed idea the sellers, pricing and offers.

A study shows a mere 90 seconds of effective presentation is enough to get people excited about your brand and product. So, what could be the best way to make people understand what you provide? Showing them the story instead of just telling them will do that easily for you. There comes the explainer video.

A short video used to present the idea, your product and show how it works is rapidly growing in the internet marketing world. It is a very agile way to make an initial impact on your audience and provide them the information they need. The explainer video should not include every detail of your product and company. It should pitch most important features about the product or service.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Brand and business are increasingly using such videos on their websites and social media accounts. This has become an indivisible part of the marketing strategy to engage potential customers online. An acute observation suggests five beneficial outcomes of such videos.

1. Better rank in Google SERP: Websites with video content are 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of search result. People tend to click more on the video thumbnail rather than text links these days. More website visits results into increased sales for your business.

2. Clarity in your offerings: A person can interpret in many ways by reading reams of text. Instead, an explainer video condenses complex descriptions and steps into simple presentation. This makes it easier for the viewer to get a feel of your brand and product.

3. Increased conversion rates: 85% of people are more likely to place an order if they first saw an explainer video. So get the website viewers converted to your customers with these short videos.

4. Easily shareable: Most of the content shared across social media channels do not draw an audience because of bulk text written. In this faced paced world, people tend to watch rather than read. Once your explainer video is ready, you can share it across social media platforms effortlessly.

5. ROI: A jot of investment in customized explainer video for your products will return you heavily in sales. Once you track the reach and conversion as its outcomes, you may create a better one next time.

Video Presentations

One of the most important aspects of any marketing efforts of a company is the presentation of the company’s product and service offerings. This presentation can take the form of a plain PowerPoint presentation or it could be also in the form of video presentations. But in the last few years companies have started to prefer video presentations rather than going for plain PowerPoint presentations. There are quite a few advantages of going for a video presentation. While presenting the company’s offerings and the various advantages provided by the company’s product or service compared to the competitors’ products, it will be more effective for the audience to watch some senior person in the company talk about the various offerings. By also showing feedback of customers in the video, the audience really gets an impression with respect to the quality of their products.

These days most of the visitors to the online portals look for some video presentation of the business activity. They don’t want to make a decision based on just reading plain text or going though images of the various products. The users would like to see those that contains a demonstration of the product. This video presentation will really give a lasting impression about the company’s offerings and the level of services that they will be able to provide.

By supplying their presentation as a Flash file on the home page of their website, they also get picked up by a number of search engines. Search engines have changed the way they pick up and display links. They display the links of websites that have presentations on their first result page of the search result.

In addition to the corporate marketing efforts, training videos can also be used to provide demonstration of particular software, which normally requires a specialist from the vendor company to come and provide the training. The company cannot afford to call the specialist each and every time because of the exorbitant fees charged by them. Instead the companies can record the demonstration provided by the expert and store it as Flash files in their corporate training portal. Whenever the demonstration has to be shown, they can ask the employees to go through the presentation, at no additional cost to the company.

Thus corporate video presentation not only helps in getting more revenue, but also helps in cutting the costs spent on training which is hugely important for any business.

An Introduction to Profitable Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing has become one of the many popular forms of advertising on the Internet, especially with the rise of enormous video archives such as YouTube. YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular resource for people looking for online streaming video and nothing else even comes close to it in terms of the sheer number of visitors it receives.

YouTube can also be a useful marketing tool for your company if you know how to take advantage of its features correctly. While it may seem a daunting task, impossible to get noticed out of such a vast number of videos on there. Although there is no substitute for making quality content, there are a number of ways to make your presence known.

The first thing that you should do is set up your own dedicated YouTube channel, which is a portal only updated and used by you. This helps to better organize your work and make it stand out more. Any serious online video marketer using video networks (in general) should have their own portal there. Your personal YouTube portal can also make it easier for people to subscribe you your updates and new content which will help you to keep in contact with customers and keep their business.

In addition to creating your own channel and profile, you can then customize your page to give it an individual and more attractive appearance. It is not a complicated task.

YouTube also offers a number of different account types which can help you specialize more in a specific area which in turn will allow you to more effectively target your specific audience. YouTube comes with four different account types other than the standard. If you stick with the standard one for now, you can always change it later to something else.

It is also important to remember that there are some universal rules for online video. Ideally, your marketing videos should be around five minutes in length. YouTube also has a one-hundred megabyte file size limit on any file that you wish to upload. Remember that content made specifically for the Internet is best done in short videos. To keep the viewer’s interest, you need to provide as much information as possible, and in a way that is entertaining and not going to make them lose patience.

Once you have created and uploaded your content, you should also make sure that it is placed in the right category. This well help you to focus more specifically on potential customers. This must not be overlooked as it often is, because having the right tags on your videos is essential for getting as many viewers as possible.

From your portfolio of videos, you can also create playlists based on a specific niche. This will better help you to keep things organised and offer more to the viewers. It can also help with up-selling.

Once all the above is done, you should link to your video from your website and other areas. It is also a good idea to comment on other people’s clips to get yourself noticed, since a comment will provide a direct link to your YouTube page.