Creating Digital Portals For Your Business

A “Portal” is defined as: a gateway, an entrance or a means of entrance. In business, “digital” portals can be effective means or “gateways” that allow customers to gain insights about a company. The insights are truly limitless once you understand the power you can harness into your bare hands when utilizing digital portals.

Benefits range from:

1) Allowing customers the ability to learn about a particular product or service.
2) Allowing customers to understand the dynamics of the company in question.
3) Provide additional training or insights to existing employees.
4) Distribute news and information to existing employees concerning the company.
5) Provide a platform for relationship building between employees, customers or partners.

These are just a few examples of what can be done with digital portals. So this begs the question, what exactly is a digital portal?

We like to think of portals as an idea or a concept, rather than a tangible item. Reason being, is because in its’ rawest form a digital portal is essentially a digital medium that can be used to disseminate content. However, used effectively, it can become a medium that allows people to gain access to information, content, or cultural insights into your company. So what are a few examples you might ask?

1) RSS Feeds – Typically used as a means to disseminate news, events and other content in a update-able fashion to subscribers.
2) Podcasts – Typically consists of a series of audio files that are disseminated via syndication (RSS) feed to subscribers.
3) Video Podcasts – Sometimes also called “Vodcasts”, are video clips delivered via RSS feed to those subscribed.
4) Social Networking Sites- Think of these as online communities or hubs that allow people of similar interests and views to share and express their views with each other. Some of the more popular communities are “Facebook, Bebo, MySpace”.

Leveraging these means of technology you can easily create doorways for people to gain insights into your company’s operations and culture. This allows for better understanding, communication, and relationship building. We have created our own Vision Enhanced Facebook Group where we will allow the sharing of our own ideas and the building of relationships to commence.

Remember, it’s not so much as the tangible technologies themselves, but more about the possibilities that can be created by using them. Again, the “idea”.