List Building Secrets – 5 Reasons Why Video Squeeze Pages Have Higher Conversions

List building is the starting act of internet marketing. The need for a big list is can never be overstated. A marketer can never be sure if he is going to make a sale no matter how good his marketing strategy is and hence a list with many people to whom he can pitch his product, is important. There is no better way than video squeeze page to do just that. In terms of time and cost it is the most efficient.

The benefits include

1. It communicates better than text ever can. If you have a good offer, then you will have to explain it well. This might require you to put in at least 5 lines. But a visitor would not read five lines of text. Hence a video is best suited for the purpose.

2. It makes an impact. A video is more enticing. Visual with sound make us understand and remember things better than just reading them. So if you put a video on your page then you can be sure that your page would register in your prospect’s mind.

3. Observation of video squeeze pages has shown that they are more pleasing to the eye than just text only pages. The video is housed (usually) box type player which gives some order to the page. Hence it draws visitors subconsciously.

4. A video can have text. It is possible to have text in video, but there is no other way round.

5. Videos from a good designer are also optimized to be used on video portals like YouTube. This way you stand to get more for your money.

A custom designed video squeeze page has a conversion rate that is much higher than that of a text only page. If you are looking for a tool to build massive opt in lists, your search ends here.