Promotion of Online Portals

There are various methods to promote an online portal or website to maximize promotion efforts. This is true, especially for companies that depend a great deal on increased visibility of their products and services in the public domain. It is being increasingly found that customers and consumers these days are well informed of choices thanks to the wealth of information that is available, literally at fingertips.

While the Internet is flux with comprehensive tutorials, guides and PPTs that list the many ways and means to promoting portals, the effort is mountainous even for trained sales & marketing professionals. Experts opine that sometimes a broad outline covering a wide range of options works best for companies, regardless of their size and turnover, simply because the efforts are not concentrated wholly on one aspect and are distributed over a wide range.

Most of the online promotional activities are still centered on tried and tested methods like content marketing, email marketing, paid search engine advertising, social media marketing and SEO etc.

Broad outlines to get started

The best way to plan promotion is ‘to start at the very beginning’. Most of the time, companies draw up different strategies that work best for them according to market statistics, customer requirement, current economic conditions, operating costs and expected returns. But some guidelines can be drawn up on a very wide outlook, starting with the ‘basics of beginning’. Some of the most common factors relating to this are:

1. Basic information on the site’s search engine optimization

2. Considering whether focus on social media will help and the proportions to be divided between popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter etc.

3. Deciding which aspect of Search Engine Marketing – Google AdWords, Pay-Per-Click advertising, SEO campaigns etc. – will bring more refined results

4. Implementing a lead acquisition effort followed up with a target oriented email marketing campaign to get more responses

5. Knowing the target audience

6. Listing in prominent business directories

7. Level of content marketing to do

8. Targeting specific websites that can help reach more prospects

Here it is useful to consider the following:

A. Target websites – blogs, forums, industry specific community and social sites, information hubs.

B. Enhance website or portal through:

i. Addition of Blog
ii. Audio Recordings & Podcasts
iii. Free reports and e-books
iv. Info-graphics
v. Recorded Webinars
vi. Video Pages
vii. Written Tutorials

C. Content distribution & marketing

i. Article – Newsletter marketing
ii. Collaborative industry or sector projects
iii. Document sharing
iv. Guest blogging
v. YouTube