Video Clips

UK Mobile network T-Mobile have just launched a brand new Video on Demand service for their mobile phone customers, the video streaming service is similar to that of Apple TV. The video clips from T-Mobile can be watched on your mobile phone or online on your PC, through T-Mobile’s ‘t-zones’ portal or its Web ‘n’ Walk service, all video is streamed over the air.

So if you fancy watching a video clip on the bus or on your lunch hour to kill a bit of spare time then this could be the answer for you. A 15 minute video clip costs from 50 pence to £1.50, and longer video clips can be up to £5.00.

However, T-Mobile may have sadly admitted that the video on demand service may not be too popular on small mobile phone screens, the interactive and video manager at T-Mobile has been quoted as saying: “You can buy content when you’re on the go, then, for a better experience, watch it on your PC later.” So are they admitting that the experience on your mobile is not that great? Of course we know that mobile TV has not been too popular in the past – perhaps because the majority of the popular mobiles have screens that most deem to small to watch anything on.

But I am sure that this will appeal to some people, and after trying it out Video on Demand may get even more fans. So if you fancy watching videos on your mobile, or just downloading them for later, while standing in the queue for the bus – then T-Mobile’s Video-on-Demand may be the one!