Video Presentations

One of the most important aspects of any marketing efforts of a company is the presentation of the company’s product and service offerings. This presentation can take the form of a plain PowerPoint presentation or it could be also in the form of video presentations. But in the last few years companies have started to prefer video presentations rather than going for plain PowerPoint presentations. There are quite a few advantages of going for a video presentation. While presenting the company’s offerings and the various advantages provided by the company’s product or service compared to the competitors’ products, it will be more effective for the audience to watch some senior person in the company talk about the various offerings. By also showing feedback of customers in the video, the audience really gets an impression with respect to the quality of their products.

These days most of the visitors to the online portals look for some video presentation of the business activity. They don’t want to make a decision based on just reading plain text or going though images of the various products. The users would like to see those that contains a demonstration of the product. This video presentation will really give a lasting impression about the company’s offerings and the level of services that they will be able to provide.

By supplying their presentation as a Flash file on the home page of their website, they also get picked up by a number of search engines. Search engines have changed the way they pick up and display links. They display the links of websites that have presentations on their first result page of the search result.

In addition to the corporate marketing efforts, training videos can also be used to provide demonstration of particular software, which normally requires a specialist from the vendor company to come and provide the training. The company cannot afford to call the specialist each and every time because of the exorbitant fees charged by them. Instead the companies can record the demonstration provided by the expert and store it as Flash files in their corporate training portal. Whenever the demonstration has to be shown, they can ask the employees to go through the presentation, at no additional cost to the company.

Thus corporate video presentation not only helps in getting more revenue, but also helps in cutting the costs spent on training which is hugely important for any business.